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Scooter is a main character in the Weird World franchise. He is voiced by Ade Edmondson in the films and Dee Bradley Baker in the TV series.


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  • When Scooter cries, ice cubes come out of his eyes.
    • He can even accidentally freeze himself if this happens.
  • He's the oldest member of The Extraordinary Eleven besides Eleanor, and has lived since the Ice Age, making him at least a few million years old.
    • He's also an original member of the team and after Sadie left, he became the only original member to remain a part of the time.
  • He has thermophobia, which means he's afraid of heat.
    • This is understandable, given he's a snowball and is afraid of melting.
  • It was revealed in the episode Scooter's Tragedy that he's really part gem and he has two aquamarines on his feet and that he's a fusion made up of two small round gems - Umaiza and Christie, two of the very first gems to exist who fell in love with each other.
    • Since he has an aquamarine on one foot each, this means Umaiza and Christie have one aquamarine on a foot each, which he covered up with his ice skates until that episode.
    • He was also confirmed to be the first male gem to have ever existed, although Stephanie confirms she has met two other male gems before.
  • After the team reunited, he became The Double E's leader, since he had the most experience.
  • In the episode A Blaze of Glory, he was transformed into a solid ice being for 3 months.
  • He is a huge chatterbox and often says really long sentences which sometimes make him fall asleep.
  • His birthday is March 7th.
    • His birthday is on this date, because it was the date that Umaiza and Christie first fused into him.
  • His ultimate power is The Frostbite Tiger, which he first performed in the episode Just Plane Bad.
    • In the same episode, his ultimate power caused his eyes to heal, meaning he no longer needs to wear glasses.
  • He has heterochromia, meaning his eyes are different colours.
    • One is bright blue, whilst the other is light blue.
  • As of the episode The Wedding, he is married to Josie.
  • He never panics when there's an emergency and always remains calm.