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This is a dub of a lost Sailor Moon series that Naoko Takeuchi did not feel like showing on TV.

Naoko Takeuchi signed an agreement with Disney's Anime English dubbing Studio, SuperZStudios and Disney to dub the series into English. There are many mistakes in the dub:

  • Hell Ant Was Accidently Renamed As Dark & Evil Ant Due To A Google Translate Malfunction.
  • Sailor Jupiter Called Her Suku, A Fictional Karate Costume, A Suku-san, But Susan Roman Liked It.
  • Serena's Line: "Moon in a Sailor Suit" (Луна в Матроске) From The Russian Dub Was Used In The Eyecatches.
  • Even, "Moon in a Sailor Suit" (Луна в Матроске) Was Used When Chibiusa Transformed.
  • "The Sea! An Island! Vacation! The Senshi Relax" Was Dubbed Because SuperZStudios CEO And Former WMG CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. Accidently Had The Episode 67 Scripts Delivered To SuperZStudios.
  • There Are Ratatoing Refrences In Episode 20(Another That Did Not Get Dubbed Into English That Got Dubbed For The First Time In English!).
  • The Italian Theme Was Translated Into English As: "Sailor Moon, you're fantastic!", And Sung By Julie Lemieux. On Episodes That Got Never Dubbed Into English, But Got Dubbed, Sung By Cristina D'Avena As "Sailor Moon, sei fantastica!"
  • And That's It!