Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is a character in the television series Holly and Noel. He is the head reindeer of Santa's sleigh, and the only reindeer with a red nose.



Rudolph is a slender reindeer with light brown fur, a glowing red nose, and neon green eyes. His antlers are curved inwards and he wears a red collar with jingle bells on them.

He is also shown to be one of the younger reindeer, as he sounds teenage than adultish.


Rudolph's past self was described as self-conscious and lonely. Due to the bullying of other reindeer, including Olive, he felt like a misfit who doesn't fit in. After showing his potential of his red nose during a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, however, Rudolph felt like he fit in better and was better appreciated.

Currently, Rudolph is a friendly, humble, and optimistic reindeer who loves to help Santa, the elves, and his fellow reindeer whenever he can. He can be quite playful with younger reindeer, and can be forgiving, even though it was harder to forgive Olive when she apologized to him after bullying him when he was younger.


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