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Roxanne Parks is the mother of Chyna and Cameron Parks and the wife of Darryl Parks. She is portrayed by Elise Neal. She's a children birthday parties entertainer. In "SciANTs Fair", Darryl called to her, but she wasn't seen. She made a cameo in the pilot episode. She appeared in the episode "ClairvoyANT" as an astronaut for a party. In "FraudulANT", Paisley and Lexi auditioned for her to become Birthday-Party entertainers. In "MutANT Farm" she is implied to be a gorgon. She later appeared in "SANTa's Little Helpers", in which she admitted that she disliked her sister. She most recently appeared in "PerformANTs", where she went with Chyna and her friends to a concert.

Episode Appearances[]

  • TransplANTed
  • SciANTs Fair (mentioned)
  • The InformANT (mentioned)
  • ClairvoyANT
  • FraudulANT
  • MutANT Farm (mentioned)
  • SANTa's Little Helpers
  • PerformANTs