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Red Ronin is a giant robot that appeared in the show, Big Hero 6: The Animated Series. It is a mecha that was created by Wasabi to combat the Kaiju threat.


The attacks from the rampaging creatures known as Kaiju have been increasing in frequency. They have been wreaking complete havoc and destruction across entire cities. So, to combat this threat, Wasabi built a gigantic fighting machine designed to combat this threat and protect our cities from these monsters. Wasabi got the idea for Red Ronin while witnessing Fred watch mecha shows on TV. He based the design of his mecha on those shows. He eventually decided to name the robot, "Red Ronin". He now pilots the robot with the rest of the BH6 team to protect San Fransokyo from the Kaiju.


Red Ronin is at least 200 feet tall and weighs 23,000 tons, and its design was heavily influenced by traditional Japanese samurai armor as well the mecha shows that Fred would watch from time to time. Red Ronin is controlled by all 6 members of Big Hero 6, with each member controlling a certain part of the robot. Wasabi leads the team when piloting the mecha by controlling the head, which is the control center for all of Red Ronin's abilities and weapons. Hiro and Fred have control over the arms, while GoGo and Honey control the legs. Baymax, ironically, has control of activating Red Ronin's many range-weapons and missiles.



  • Red Ronin is based upon the Marvel Mecha of the same name, who first appeared in the Marvel Comics version of Godzilla. Red Ronin in that comic was created to serve as a foil for Godzilla. Even after Marvel relinquished the rights to Toho, the Japan-based film company that owns the rights to Godzilla, Red Ronin continued to make appearances in the comics.
    • He even assisted the Big Hero 6 in the original comics at one point.
  • His appearance is inspired by Super Robots from the 1970's as well as traditional Japanese samurai armor.