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This is the second movie about Puppaloo and Paprika. It is set six months after the events in Puppaloo and the golden gem.


Puppaloo is living in the lap of luxury at the Arendell castle, when Elsa mysteriously loses her ability to make and controll snow. Pup finds out that all the magic of the world is disappearing. She finds an ancient book that tells about a secret staircase in the Arendell castle. Pup sets off to discover the stairs, hoping that the key to all magic lies at the top.


Puppaloo: the main protagonist of the movie

Paprika: Puppaloo's best friend

Elsa: the deuratagonist of the movie

Anna: a video gamer and a princess

Kilala Reno: Elsa's best friend

Gylsie Fairyton: a fairy

Rosen Calliope: another fairy

Princess Elissa: a fairy without wings

it begins[]

Pup is sitting on a pillow in the throne room with Paprika and Elsa. Anna, of course, is playing one of the earliest video games.