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Psyche is a animated feature film inspired by the famous Roman myth of Psyche and Cupid.


Psyche is the prettiest girl in her kingdom, and perhaps, the world. There are thousands of men trying to marry her, but Psyche's not interested. She sings a song called "What I Am Inside" while her father, the king, seeks help from the local Oracle, which warns him that Psyche will be forced to be the wife of the most dangerous monster in the land. Meanwhile, somewhere in the Aegean Sea, Venus, the goddess of love, is frustrated. A mere girl is getting more attention for her beauty than her! She sends her son, Cupid, to shoot Psyche with one of his arrows of love, to make her fall in love with a monster, as the Oracle predicted. Cupid, although supposed to make Psyche falls in love, is smitten by her himself. Later, that night, Cupid's servant, Zephyr, goes into Psyche's room, in the form of wind, and snatches her. The next morning, Psyche wakes up in a marble palace. As she explores, she finds that there are invisible servants, beautiful decor and no disgusting suitors. The palace staff sing the song "Palace of Love". That night, she meets an invisible man, claiming to be her new husband. The next day, she hears two voices calling her name. In the distance, she sees her two sisters, Salacia and Rhea. She realizes her family didn't know she wasn't lost. She meets them and takes them to her palace, talking about everything that happened. Her sisters are very jealous. When they return home, they tell Psyche's parents that Psyche is dead. Meanwhile, at the palace, Psyche is curious to see who her invisible husband is, even though her companion, Ambrose, says she shouldn't. She approaches her husband with a lamp, and, to her amazement, she sees the most handsome and lovely of the gods, Cupid. In her excitement of joy and fear, a drop of hot oil fell from her lamp upon his shoulder. When Cupid wakes and screams in pain, Psyche flees. She is cared for some nymphs in the forest. They attempt to cheer her with the song "Love's Going To Go Wrong", which makes her even sadder. Ambrose convinces Psyche to go to Venus and demand to see Cupid. Venus refuses to let her see her husband, and tells her that only if she performs four labours will she ever see Cupid again. Without hesitation, Psyche agrees, forgetting the advice of Eurynome and the other nymphs.