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It follows from the Square Enix and Walt Disney distributed game series Kingdom Hearts.

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Princesses Of Heart[]

1st Group[]

  • Snow White- Homeworld: Dwarf Woodlands
  • Cinderella: Homeworld: Castle Of Dreams
  • Aurora: Homeworld: Enchanted Dominion
  • Alice: Homeworld: Wonderland
  • Jasmine: Homeworld: Agrabah
  • Belle: Homeworld: Beast's Castle
  • Kairi: Homeworld: Destiny Islands

2nd Group[]

  • Pochoantas: Homeworld: Colour Wood
  • Mulan: Homeworld: Land Of The Dragons
  • Ariel: Homeworld: Atlantica
  • Penny:Hemeworld:Devil's Bayou
  • Tiana: Homeworld: Voodoo Bayou
  • Wendy: Homeworld: Neverland
  • Giselle: Homeworld: Andalasia
  • Olette: Homeworld: Twilight Town

3rd Group[]

  • Minnie Mouse: Homeworld: Disney Castle
  • Aqua: Homeworld: Land Of Departure
  • Eilonwy: Homeworld: Prydain
  • Little Red Riding Hood: Homeworld: Wolf Pacifier
  • Little Bo Peep: Homeworld: Valley Of Wool
  • Little Miss Muffet: Homeworld: Mother Goose Melody
  • Elizabeth Swann: Homeworld: Port Royal