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Princess Of Oz is an upcoming traditionally 2D animated film from Walt Disney slated for release on May 4th 2011

It is written by Harvey Keitel and directed by Vicky Jenson as well as featuring the voice talents of Lily Cole as the titular princess protagonist, Brandon Routh as the Prince Charming of the film, Chris Evans, Simon Pegg and Kirsten Dunst the sidekick animalia of the film and finally Sam Worthington as the titular antagonist of the film.

The film is the second Walt Disney distributed film to be set in Australia.


An Australian Outback Girl loses her parents to a terrible sandstorm brought on by her father's evil magic meddling brother.

She is from there sent to London to live with Grandmother which there over the course of her growing up she meets and falls in love with the Prince Of England Sir Tom Hanniver.

However following being wed to him and becoming an official princess her evil uncle who took the lives her beloved parents whisks her back to the Outback Desert of which she was born to and erases her memory.

The Princess from there must then traverse the mysterious dangerous Simpson Desert and try and find her way back to wherever she's from.

Along the way however her journey is made easier by three Australian Animals who not only talk but are in the same predicament of being cast out to an unfamiliar place.


  • Lily Cole as Princess Lia
  • Brandon Routh as Prince Tom
  • Chris Evans as Tarn the Seagull
  • Simon Pegg as Clarn the Dingo
  • Kirsten Dunst as Varn the Swallow
  • Delta Goodrem as Abernathy/ Lia's mother who had a remarkable singing voice
  • Harvey Keitel as Woornoth/ Lia's father whom was a praised Outback Hunter. His brother was extremely jealous of his popularity and fame which drove him to killing his brother and his wife
  • Sam Worthington as Loornoth/ Brother of Woornoth, Loornoth tried to be an exemplary wizard and become famous through it however the people of the Western Oz rounded off his magic to simple magician tricks. Loornoth killed his older brother and his older brother's wife via a giant sandstorm he conjured up with all his power. The result of this great spell left with the appearence of a old wizened man. He eventually procurred some of his power back as soon as niece Lia became a princess.
  • Marion Cottilard as Feen The Falcon/ Loornoth's Minion