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piglet: welcome to pooh's clubhouse

phone: ringing

piglet: that's the phone hello

pooh: hello piglet I pooh and this is elsa

piglet: hi pooh and elsa

elsa: we are lost in Jurassic park

pooh: and don't for get bear tools

bear he bear oh bear high bear ready bear zip here we go your a pig working throw bear he bear oh bear high bear tools bear tools

piglet: a helicopter, meat, a fire and the mystery bear tool

bear tool bear tool went we need it honey will bring use he here money and honey all we haft to say oh honey all we haft to say oh honey

piglet: now we got our beartool let get pooh

this is pooh park

((Sheldon humming))

pooh: hi Sheldon what are you doing

Sheldon: hi pooh I'm planting bushs

pooh: bye Sheldon

((Sheldon humming))

we need to say oh honey

Sheldon; oh honey

a helicopter, meat, a fire and the mystery bear tool witch bear tool can we try

helicopter we got ears say chears

piglet: let go to Jurassic park

((Jurassic park theme song))


piglet: hey a red car where at the Isla Nublar Heliport

piglet: pooh

File:27 parasaulophus nocrop w529 h306 2x.jpg

brain: hello

dipsy: hello piglet

piglet: a d-d-d-d diloposaurus

bary; roar

((piglet scream))

ty: roar

piglet: lets go

((ty is chaseing a car))

everyone say oh honey

meat, a fire and the mystery bear tool

pooh: I know meat and fire

we got ears say chears

heres your meat ty and fire

((ty step in fire and ate meat))

perry: hoot

piglet: hi perry

perry: I up a fence

Trixie: hi piglet

piglet: a tr-tr-tr triceratops

piglet; lets save elsa and pooh

piglet: oh honey

pooh and elsa: oh honey

elsa; all is left is the mystery beartool say mysterybear tool

today bear tool is a mouse

we pick all hour bear tools say super chears

piglet: here you go rappy

rappy: yeah

pooh: lets take piglets; helicopter

pooh; everyone standup and do you hotshot dance

hotshot hoootshot hotshot hotshot hotshot hotdiddy shot hotshot

roo: you save pooh and elsa

what a hotshot day hoootshot

so long for now for pooh bear

that's me and the Winnie the pooh clubhouse

aww thanks for stopping bye