Ponyboy Curtis is the main protagonist in Leather Jackets

Voice: Hiro Ripoll

Inspiration: Ponyboy Curtis from S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders

Alignment: good

Th (23)

Apperance: black hair, later dyed white by Johnny, fair skin, black shirt with white stripes by the shoulders, wide frame glasses, gray eyes, ripped jeans, sneakers

Occupation: Greaser, one of the town heroes next to Johnny and Dally

Personality: reckless, forgetful, intelligent, sensitive 

Likes: cigarettes, being a Greaser, his friends, rumbles, Dairy Queen

Dislikes: Darry hitting and yelling at him, the Socs jumping him, Johnny's parents abusing him, accidentally falling asleep, the memory of his parents' death 

Weapons: punches

Other Names: 

Pony (by Johnny)

Little Brother (by Sodapop)


"I don't think that's too good of an idea."

"We don't need your charity."

"I haven't seen Dally anywhere."


To win the Rumble between the Greasers and Socs, to be freed from any consequences of Johnny stabbing Bob


Wins the Rumble, freed from consequences, stays home with his brothers


  • He was originally scheduled to have been gender bent like 2005's Chicken Little and have his name switched to Unicorn
  • In a deleted scene of the ending, he is seen putting an unopened pack of Johnny's favorite brand cigarettes by his grave and doing the same thing near Dally's
  • Ponyboy is 14-years-old.
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