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Trailer Announcer: Princess Pollen was just the daughter of the queen, who had eleven children at a time.

Queen: Meet Princess Sue, princess Reba, prince Flik, princess Alana, prince James, princess Arietta, princess Helena, prince Melman, princess Joy, princess Ring-Ring, and princess Pollen.

Minty: Wow, eleven children born from... the queen!

Queen: Heh, heh. Yes, a lot. And, my eldest Princess Sue will soon to be queen.

Sue: It's true.

Trailer Announcer: Princess Pollen wants to be like other bugs.

Pollen: I didn't mean for things to go so wrong. I especially didn't want to make you look bad, Benson.

Benson: Well, Pollen, ya did.

Pollen: I was just trying to have fun.

Benson: Then DON'T have fun.

Pollen: I'm sorry.

Trailer Announcer: But, one day...

Ludo: [Laughs Maniacally] Thanks for the food. I love apples!

Peggy: [Nervously] Heh, heh. D-Do would you like to add a tip?

Ludo: Are you saying I'm stupid?

Peggy: N-No.

Ludo: Do I look stupid... to you? [Scoffs] Uh, l-- - Why am I even talking to you? You're not the queen. You don't smell like the queen.

Queen: Sh-She's our maid.

Ludo: Ah, I see. The royal maid. She looks delicious.

Peggy: Oh! [ Whimpers ]

Ludo: See you, later. [crawls away]

Trailer Announcer: This Summer, join the adventure of a life time.

Ludo: Here's the idea, we need five-thousand fruits until the end the week, or we'll squish... the queen.

Kim: But, dad--

Ludo: Not now, dear, daddy's in rage.

Trailer Announcer: Featuring voice talents from Susan Egan, Jesse McCartney, Lewis Black, Tara Strong, Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, Bonnie Hunt and Kevin Bacon. Disney and Pixar presents...

Pollen: Wow, Barbara. The Hive in so... sweet.

Barb: I heard that Ludo is coming in 6:15.

Pollen: Don't worry, Barb. He's only here for food.

Barb: Well, at least he eats fruit.

Pollen: Yep. This is gonna be perfect for him!

Barb: Yes. We are trained professionals.

Pollen: Hmm. Come on, Barb. Let's go back to my mom.

Trailer Announcer: "Pollen". In theaters June 21st.