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(Pluto walking out the street at the nighttime)

(Sound of seal barking)

Pluto: Woah! What was that?

(Salty coming out from the dark)

Pluto: It's just a seal, who are you?

(Salty seal barks his name)

Pluto: What?

(Salty holding up a sign in which says, "My name is Salty!")

Pluto: Hey, Salty, what are you doing out here at the night?

(Salty seal barking that he is scared of the dark and cold)

Pluto: You're scared and cold? How sad! Well, I can you to my house, I sure hope Mickey and Bugs will allow it, come on!

(Title Card)

(Bugs putting out dog food)

Bugs: Pluto! Dinner!

Pluto: Did somebody say dinner?

(Salty popping out from Pluto's doghouse and eats up Pluto's dogfood)

Bugs: What the?! Pluto, where did you found this seal?!

Pluto: I found it at the nighttime, his name is Salty! He was cold and scared, so I had to take him here!

Bugs: You brang a seal over to our house? Pluto, you take this seal out, right now!

(Salty starts crying and walks away)

Mickey: What happened out here, bro?

Bugs: Pluto wanted to adopt a seal over, but I told him no!

Mickey: I'm sure Pluto's sad now!

Bugs: Yep!

(Pluto whines)

Mickey: I'm sure he'll be okay, tommorow! I hope?

("Tommorow" card)

(Pluto whines)

Mickey: He's still sad! Maybe we should talk with him.

Bugs: Eh, yeah, we should talk!

(Pluto sighs and whines)

Mickey: Hey, Pluto ol' pal, I'm sure you're still that Salty wouldn't come back?

(Pluto sniffs)

Pluto: Yeah, and it almost fill like we're best friends and then Bugs kicked him out, when he accidentally ate up my food!

Mickey: I'm sure Bugs thought that Salty did it on purpose?

Pluto: He didn't do it purpose, it was an accident!

Bugs: Eh, I think we can go and hunt for the seal and we can keep it for a pet.

Mickey: That seems like a good idea!

(Fades out and fades in)


Voice actors[]

  • E.G. Daily: Pluto, Salty the Seal
  • Bob Bergen: Bugs Bunny
  • Bret Iwan: Mickey Mouse