Plague Island is a video game where the Jonas Brothers has created an Island to take over the world. It sends diseases to everybody, making them lose their color and have symptoms like sneezing and coughing. Your goal is to find a cure for the disease, and to stop the Jonas Brothers' evil plan.


Your Mii

Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Donald Duck

Daisy Duck

Darkwing Duck




Prince Eric

Prince Philip

Prince Edward


Fillmore (The hippie van from Cars)



Timon and Pumbaa


The Jonas brothers- They have created the disease because their music is terrible and nobody likes it, which made them evil and twisted and bent on world domination

The robots that they have created to spread the plague (Jonas-bots).

There are six types of Jonas bots.

Lvl 1- these are small and can shoot the disease as well as small missels. They can hover.

lvl 2 These bots are larger then the lvl ones, but they can't fly. They have 4 fast moving legs and shoot out larger missels

lvl 3 These are the largest bots of the three and the most powerful. It can fly, shoot lasers, and has mechanical tentacles that can grab things and throw them.

Boss bots

The Kevin Bot

The Joe Bot

The Nick Bot




Under the sea

Mickey mouse neighborhood

New York



Mt. Olympus

Bald Mountain

Las Vegas


The Hundred-Acre-Woods

Toad Hall



Never Land

Symptoms of the Disease

Coughing, sneezing, headaches, stomachaches, sweating and losing ones color. For the last one, the victim gets pale and their skin and clothing begin to tint. Evantually they just become white with black lines.


Your mii first is seen talking to Gyro Gearloose and Ludwig Von Drake. It is revealed that the Disease has taken it's coarse in the world and has infected billions of humans, creatures, fairies, and stuffed animals, with you as the only person immune. Gyro and Ludwig are trying to find a cure for the disease, but before they are finished, a lvl 3 Jonas bot comes in and kidnaps them, and destroys the laboratory. You manage to survive along with most of the recipe for the cure. Unfortunantly most of the ingredients are exotic and can only be found in certain places across the globe, full of Jonas-Bots.

Ingredients (75%)

  1. Chinese Dragon Scales
  2. Tiger Hair
  3. Heffalump Saliva
  4. Anthromorphic Weasel Blood
  5. Platypus Venom
  6. Genie Sweat
  7. Cecaelia ink
  8. Warthog Flatulence

I'll add more later.

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