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Pixar Park is a theme park next to Disney World England. It is free to all guests of Disneyworld England, but can be paid for seperatley for half price.

Toy Story Mania[]

The Toy Story area, it is themed around the fairground Toy Story Mania game, but also has themes based around the movies.

  • A pizza planet food area.


  • Finding Nemo Aquarium
  • An octopus ride.

Paradise Falls[]

A land themed around the UP franchise.

  • A flight simulator based off arriving at Paradise Falls in UP.
  • A indoor flying coaster based around the stormy scene in UP from a first person point of view.

A Bug's Life Area[]

  • A ant Juniour Flyers ride.



  • Sewer Scramble - A mine train coaster which travels through the sewers/rivers in Ratatouille. There is a splashdown at the end.

A Incredibles Area[]

  • A flume dark ride which interacts with Frozone's ice from the incredibles.

Radiator Springs[]

  • A steeple chase coaster.


The Wall-E themed area.