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Pinocchio is a live-action cgi film coming to theaters December of 2015. The movie will follow the original cartoon version, with a few changes to some songs. Jimmy cricket and monstrous the whale are cgi characters.  

Voice Cast[]

Seth Adkins - Pinocchio

Phil Snyder - Jiminy Cricket

Mallerie Rigsby - Patty

Tony Pope - Gepetto

Jennifer Hudson - Gladys

Kevin Crush - Figaro

Kelly Green - Cleo

Rosalyn Landor - The Blue Fairy

Haley Joey Osment - Pete

Rick Moranis - Gorodan

Robert Oliveri - Tr. James

Josh Brorin - Shette

Elan Garfias - Ernie

Nick Carson - Alexandor

Toby Kebbell - Telence

Jay Baruchel - Rodney

Tracy Morgan - Ender

Dave Statler - Mocal

Joss Ackland - Lampwick

Frank Oz - Stromboli

Dee Bradley Baker - Honest John

Cherly Cole - Gideon

Cristpher Lee - Police Gordon

Kaite Finneran - Doropus

Caroll Spinney - The Coachman

Don Knotts - Monstro the Whale


Most of the songs have been enhanced and jazzed up to match our modern music tastes.

ive got no strings!

When you wish upon a star