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Poppin' Fresh, aka Pop'n Fresh or the Pillsbury Doughboy, is the mascot for Pillsbury food products.

Pillsbury is anthropomorphic character who was made of pasta for cakes, he is a very comedic character when a human finger pokes his belly. Pillsbury laughs when he was poked by a human finger in the commercials of 60s to 2000s.

Doughboy first debuts in 1960's when he encourages people to create the better recipes of Pillsbury pastas like cakes, fresh pastas, muffins, pie, pancakes, etc.. He better known for his dancings and for his kisses in the screen.

In the christmas commercial, he reads a book to sleep a boy and receives the visit from Santa Claus, Pillsbury makes the cookies for Santa who pokes his belly, then Santa puts his finger on his mouth to tells Pillsbury to keep his voice down as the boy sleeps, then Santa puts a present for Pillsbury under the christmas tree and the Pillsbury toys at the side of the boy and under the Christmas tree.

Pillsbury makes his first appearence in 1965 commercial when he encourages human people to bake the recipes to please customers, in Wikipedia, a image of Pillsbury appears when the description shows that a human finger pokes his belly. In 2016 and the years later, he returns in the commercial, he only laughs but he does not talk or saying a word for the rest of the commercials.

Pillsbury likes to dance in some of the commercials for a couple of occasions.

Pillsbury's famous laugh is "Hoo-Hoo!"


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