Petra Winthrop is a major antagonist of the television series Meg Cooper: Sim Hero and the main antagonist of season one. She is a spoiled rich girl who attends Sim City Academy and Meg's rival, especially for Stuart's affections.

In season three, it is revealed that she has moved away and attended the same private school her brother is attending for her senior year, causing Bernadette to replace her.



Petra comes from a very wealthy family, which causes her to become condescending and snobbish to her peers. She always thinks highly and only of herself. She likes picking on people, especially Meg, to bring her guard down.

Petra is also know to be bossy and manipulative, especially when using Makoto as a slave. She also hates being defied, as in "Prom Date" when Makoto was broken free of her control.

Physical Appearance

Petra is a slender Sim human with peach colored skin, golden blonde hair in a ponytail, and blue eyes.

Her usual outfit consists of a light blue Peter Pan collared shirt with puff sleeves and a magenta ribbon, magenta skirt, knee high white socks, and black Mary Jane shoes.

Role in the Series

Season One

Petra made her first appearance in "Blue Thing" where she gains popularity among the students. Sooner or later, she reveals that she only befriends higher class students, causing her to make some enemies besides Chaz, Derek, Makoto, and Stuart.

Throughout the series, Petra has often teased Meg until she had a breaking point (which often she doesn't), and made fun of the other kids in her class. Though she often doesn't appreciate Meg, she is shown on occasion that she is grateful there is someone helping out Sim City.

She also would take advantage of Makoto and her skills up until "Prom Date" where Makoto was voted Prom Queen, and she rebelled against Petra.

Season Three

Though she did not make an appearance, she is mentioned by Principle Dean that she has moved away and attended a private school.


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