Guess it's a blessing when you've got two green thumbs!

Persephone is one the main deuteragonists of The Goddesses of Sr. High. She is Ophelia's closest friend with a green thumb. 



Persephone is very kind, sweet, and talented with flowers. Her gentle touch could give life to the prettiest of plants. She is very easygoing and selfless, thinking about other people before herself. 

Despite these traits, Persephone feels herself to be easily swayed by the choices her friends and mother make. Being pushed constantly causes her to get upset easily. She wishes to be independant and make her own choices from time to time, but still caring and sweet. 

Persephone is also very optimistic and tries to look on the bright side. Like Ophelia, she tries to see the best in people, and is gentle on her enemies. Her sunny nature can sometimes bring out the best in people, even in Hades


Persephone is a slender teenager with a very pale complexion, wavy red hair, green eyes, and freckles. 

Persephone's outfit varies, but it's usually flowery and loose fitting. 


  • Gardening: Persephone claims to have two green thumbs, which is useful in gardening with her mother, Demeter. 

Role in the Series

Persephone was Ophelia's first and closest friend in the series.

In My New Olympus Life, she was Ophelia's student ambassador who rescued her out of the fountain. She was the one to show Ophelia around and introduce her to Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, and the other students.

She is one of the survivors during the Stone Epidemic who helps Ophelia find and defeat Nemesis.


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