Penelope "Penny/Penne" Marie Proud is a young, cute and very beautiful teenage girl who is usually embarrassed by the way her father, Oscar Proud, acts. She is a normal teenager who is trying to have the life that she dreams for despite her parents (mostly her father) forbidding her from dating boys. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, even though they have gotten her into trouble, and left her to face danger by herself many times. She listens to and always respects her parents, but often caves in to peer pressure. She is also a feminist at times, and is very logical despite her cuteness and beauty.

She is a talented singer as shown when she becomes a solo singer for Wizard Kellyproductions but quits after missing her old life. Penny is a Straight A student. She was on the Football team and the Newspaper Staff. Penny tried out for cheer-leading, but due to having an accident with the stage being converted into a giant CD, LaCienega got the last spot on the cheer-leading squad. Penny is also good at reciting poetry and becomes jealous when Dijonaybecomes just as good as her. When Penny turned Sweet Sixteen, she began to want independence but had to deal with her father's issues in letting her grow up. She saves the world and makes up with him, and he finally realizes she is her own person who can make her own decisions. Penny has black hair in pigtails.

She wears a white blouse, a red sweater, a red skirt, white ankle-length socks and black strapped Mary Jane shoes or sometimes red sneakers. Her closet is full of the same exact combination of clothes. She never changes. Penny hangs out with Dijonay, Zoey, LaCienega and Sticky. However, their friendship with Penny is questionable at times as they all have a habit of ditching Penny whenever she is in a difficult situation. Penny's skin color darkens in season 2. She kiss two boys (15 and Kwok) and Penny has once kiss Troy, They was break up now.

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