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These are the relationships other characters have with Paws Crumpster.


Brandi Civine[]

Although he was rude to her at first, Brandi became Paws' best friend. He admires her creativity and tries to makee his own even though he takes way longer than she does. Paws often acts grumpy as usual when Brandi fully explains her interests, but sometimes becomes as amazed interested as she is. Paws has claimed that Brandi is just "what he would be" if he were a girl. Brandi shows to have a

Max Goof[]

Paws hasn't the best relationship with Max, though the two do whatever it takes to make things great (and keep Brandi from getting in trouble). Paws admires Max's attempts to look handsome, but also made him look mean in front of parents in public places. Like Brandi, Paws sees a mentor figure in Max


Channer Crumpster[]

Paws looks up to his pop, as the youngest of his four sons. Paws gets the most quality time with him, despite Channer's habbit of smoking cigars. Paws has say multiple times that he wants to be just like his Pop no matter how different is acts. Despite his party attitude, Channer respects his son's loyalty and love, saying that "he's an exact memory of his old man." Channer also encourages Paws to be the way he is, for in example in Four Eyes Polar Bear, when Paws was embarrassed for now needing glasses after a paparazzi incident, Channer revealed near the end that he too wears identical glasses, and decides that they will wear them together,

Lacy Crumpster[]