Pandora is a supporting character in The Goddesses of Sr. High. She is Athena's curious roommate.



Pandor is mostly known for her curiosity. She asks questions about anything and everything. Sometimes her curiosity can get the best of her and she can get into trouble. However, Pandora is very kind and well-meaning, and she would never hurt anyone.


Pandora is a slender, short teenager with a fair complexion, golden blonde hair with blue streaks that's in a ponytail, and pale blue eyes.

Her outfit varies throughout the series, but it consists of school spirit.

Role in the Series

Pandora appears in the pilot "My New Olympus Life", when she kept asking Ophelia questions during lunch, but distracted then by Euterpre's new dress.


  • She is one of the few un-cresented students at Olympus Prep.


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