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Order Of The Pakhēṭā is an American–French action comedy family animated TV series that centers around a cat whose parents died and were reincarnated into a beetle and an oyster.


  • Āru, the main protagonist of the story.
  • The Heaven Beetle, also known as Āmā. Aru's mother and Ragata's only daughter, who was reincarnated in the Heaven Beetle, after she is killed by Ragata.
  • The Mollusk, also known as Bubā. Aru's father, who was killed by Ragata and was reincarnated into an oyster.
  • Ragata, Aru's evil grandmother, Ama's father and the main antagonist of the story.

Story Arc[]

Season One[]

Aru is a young kitten who lives with her ill father, Buba, in a tree. Every day her father tells stories to her by magically manipulating 'rose petals' that moves under music played from his flute. He tells the true story of a witch named Ama who is Aru's missing mother. As Aru stays out at midnight, her evil grandmother, Ragata find her and attack. Her father arrives to fend her off. He sends Ama away using his magic leaf, telling her to find his mother's moon charm. She takes a lock of his fur before he charges at Ragata.

On the hill, Aru wakes up and meets the Mollusk, her little toy that was brought to life by her father's magic. The Mollusk informs her that her father is dead, her village is destroyed, and they must move on to survive. The next morning, they meet the Heaven Beetle, a stoic beetle who was cursed to land on Earth and claims to have been Rgata's apprentice.

Season Two[]

After the events, Aru loses her one eye, and it reveals that the Heaven Beetle and the Mollusk are, in fact, her parents, their spirits reincarnated into physical form.