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Oorg is the ninth episode of Season 1 of Weird World: The TV Show and it's the 9th episode overall.


The team discover how the first "Eight" team was formed way back in prehistoric times and how the trail of teams managed to continue for thousands of years. 




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The episode was received really positively by critics and fans alike. Praise was given for the idea of having past Eight teams, the prehistoric atmosphere, more about the current team themselves revealed and just like other episodes, the humour.


  • It's shown the very first Eight team dates back to prehistoric times.
    • There have been 5 previous Eight teams - The Early Eight/The Eight, The Icy Eight, The Stone Eight, The Bronze Eight and The Ancient Eight.
  • It's revealed that Bash hates moths.
  • This is the first episode where Stephanie wears her white cap.
  • It's revealed that the only fellow Extraordinary Eight member Sponghuck really cares for is Tyler.
  • It's revealed that Tinashe, Stephanie's former best friend, was a member of The Extraordinary Eight.
    • Info about the remaining member remains unknown.
  • There are no cavemen/cavewoman based on Scooter or Josie.
    • Sqrutt however does have a resemblance to Josie.
  • Egroa kind of resembles Rainbow City citizen Jibbal.
  • The prehistoric parts take place about 3 million years ago.