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Oliver at Creepy Castle is a UK VHS. This was Distributed by Disney Videos.



  • Voices: Gabriel Damon as Oliver, Cheech Marin as Tito, Frank Welker as Dodger, Roscoe Lee Browne as Francis, Richard Mulligan as Einstein, Sheryl Lee Ralph as Rita,
  • Release Date: 14th December 1996
  • Distributed by Disney Videos

Opening Previews (UK)[]

  1. Blue Warning screen
  2. Closed Captions screens
  3. Coming Soon from Disney Videos
  4. The Nightmare Before Christmas trailer
  5. Aladdin and the King of Thieves trailer
  6. Disney Sing Along Songs 1994 Preview
  7. Also Available from Disney Videos
  8. The Return of Jafar trailer
  9. The Lion King trailer
  10. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs trailer
  11. Stay Tuned
  12. Disney Videos logo
  13. Walt Disney Pictures logo
  14. Start of Oliver at Creepy Castle (1989)

Closing Previews (UK)[]

  1. End of Oliver at Creepy Castle (1989)
  2. Walt Disney Pictures logo
  3. Coming Soon from Disney Videos
  4. Toy Story trailer
  5. The Santa Clause trailer
  6. Pocahontas trailer
  7. The Fox and the Hound trailer