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Nyan Cat: The Movie is an upcoming 2017 film based on the Internet meme, Nyan Cat.


Set in the future, Nyan Cat accidentally landed on Earth and meet new friends. Meanwhile, Alien Nyan forms a ragtag team to save Nyan!


  • Nika Futterman as Nyan Cat
  • Zendaya as Lana Jude
  • Sandra Oh as Meena Lee
  • Tara Strong as Alien Nyan, Tac Nyan, Zombie Nyan Cat
  • Laura Marano as Balloon Cat, Ninja Nyan Cat
  • Hannibal Burress as Donut Dog

TV Spot[]

  • Nyan Cat: Hello! My name is ... Nyan Cat!
  • Lana: You're ... real!
  • Announcer: This Christmas.
  • Alien Nyan: Project 1-0-1 is on the planet EARTH!
  • Balloon Cat: We could all work together as a team, a unit!
  • Announcer: Cats will rise and will stick together.
  • Nyan Cat: I miss my home. I miss my friends.
  • Meena: We'll help you find you're home.
  • Announcer: Zendaya, Laura Marano, Hannibal Burress, Sandra Oh with Chelsea Kane, andMatthew Perry .