Noel Kringle is the one of the main protagonists of the TV series, Holly and Noel. She is Holly's fraternal twin sister who loves to bake Christmas cookies.



Noel is the complete opposite of her sister. She is more shy and introverted, preferring to sit by the fire and read a book than going shopping or to a party. Noel is also self conscious and doesn't want to drag attention to herself. She often feels insecure next to Holly because Noel is quieter and more reserved than her, often being in her shadow. Nevertheless, Noel still cares for her sister.

Through social situations, though still friendly to others, Noel gets nervous and awkward when meeting new people, and even more so when a guy shows a slight romantic interest in her.

Through all her imperfections, Noel doesn't quite see how amazing a person she really is. Noel always puts others before herself, and is easily forgiving to those who are genuinely good at heart. She loves her sister unconditionally and never takes advantage of anyone for her own benefit.


Noel is a slender, 15-year-old human with pale freckled skin, long, straight black hair, and light blue eyes.

She wears a variety of outfits, her main on being a jade green oversized open shoulder sweater with candy cane striped sleeves, a dark grey pleated skirt, candy cane striped tights, and dark grey boots.

Role in the series


  • Noel almost shares the same name as the character of the Disney movie Noelle.


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