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Ninj-X is a mysterious character from KunoichiShow!. He was first introduced in the second season episode "Ninja of My Dreams". Then later his identity is revealed to be Stanny McGregor in the season two finale "The Twistery of Ninj-X".

As Ninj-X[]

After Stanny's temporary removal from the show, he was replaced by Ninj-X. He made his first appearance in an early season two episode "Ninja Of My Dreams". He plays as the show's first anti-hero and recurring enemy/love interest of Princess Dollianne. He also plays as the arch rival of Damian Childs. In the season two finale "The Twistery of Ninj-X" he is revealed to be Stanny McGregor working for The Kunomi Council in secret. Ninj-X was created by The Kunomi Council to test Princess Kittie's temptation and self control.


  • Throughout Ninj-X's appearances, he never reveals his mouth.
  • In the book series, Ninj-X dies from a violent explosion from The Coffsters building. He sacrificed himself to save Princess Dollianne.
  • In the book series, he was a shinobi agent for The OOOH (Organization Of Oni Hunters)
  • As a running gag, whenever somebody hears his name out loud, the character comments "That sounds like an early 2000's cartoon."
  • By season four, the name Ninj-X will be discontinued and he will be just called Orange or Blood Orange Ninja.
  • Ninj-X is actually a Dark Slice user "Parmesan Cheese" meaning he is able to see into the future.
  • Apparently, Ninj-X enjoys watching Scandal and Pretty Little Liars on Thursday nights.
  • Following that, Ninj-X's favorite character from Pretty Little Liars is Aria Montgomery.
  • In early production of the show, Ninj-X was created on accident. For apparent inspiration, show's creator ChardonnayBloo was mistaken Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug was going to be a villain due to his design. So as a result, the Ninj-X story ark and concept stayed.