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Nicholas Kringle is a supporting character in the television series Holly and Noel. He is Holly and Noel's older brother and a Santa-in-training.



Nicholas is a slender, 17-year-old human with fair skin, side swept blonde hair, and green eyes.

He wears a green T-shirt sweater with white stripes under a red Santa coat, dark grey pants and green boots. He has white fur alongside the brim of his coat and the top of his boots.


Nick is much more laid back about his duty as Santa. He much prefers to participate in winter sports like snowboarding than focus on toymaking and training. However, he always likes riding in the sleigh and delivering the toys with his father.

He has a friendly rivalry with his sister Holly, and likes teasing her about her female Santa Klaus goal. However, he would never hurt her on purpose and try to crush her dreams.