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Nerita and Isabell are the same character. You might be looking for: <tabber>Nerita=

Princess Nerita is the main protagonist of El Fugitivo Princesa. She is the princess of (tba) who was betrothed at birth, but runaway because she didn't want marry the prince .


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El Fugitivo Princesa[]

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Sofia the First[]

Nerita will appear to Sofia in season 3, and will be the first disney princess to actually show how she appeared. She appears in The Choice, when everyone in the kingdom (except Clover) wanted Sofia to use the castle traditions for the kingdom's birthday, her amulet summons Nerita to her, Clover AmberRuby, and Jade, she explains to them that people shouldn't tell people how to live their lives and sings a song about her betroth to show the girls that Sofia decides things for herself, then disappeared. 


  • Nerita is fifthteen years old, the age where hispanic girls get parties called quinceaneras.
  • In the Maori version, her name is Pricneass Iza, which translates to Princess Isabell in English. She also has a different appearance.

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