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Template:Infobox"Mystery in San Fransokyo" is a one hour special and the first episode of the second season of Zootopia: The Animated Series that features a crossover with the characters from Big Hero 6.


Bellwether has been fed up living in jail for quite some time, and had decided a break out. She then notice a portal, and goes right into it, finally realize that she is in a new world filled with humans; she is in San Fransokyo.



  • Nick Wilde: Uh, Judy?
  • Judy Hopps: What, Nick?
  • Nick Wilde: I don't think we're in Zootopia anymore.
  • Judt Hopps: Why's that?
  • Nick Wilde: Look.

[they both look in awestruck at San Fransokyo]

  • Nick: Uh...?
  • Baymax: Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.
  • Hiro Hamada: They're waking up.
  • Judy: This is not Zootopia, isn't it?
  • Honey Lemon: They can talk?!
  • GoGo Tomago: Okay, this is getting weird.
  • Fred: A talking fox and the talking rabbit... how cool is that?! I mean it's weird, obviously, but how cool!
  • Wasabi: Fred, we got to ask them questions first.

  • Wasabi: These two critters can't go up against the villains. They're small.
  • Judy Hopps: Excuse me?!

  • Bellwether: Okay, Callahanga, heroes comes in there all the time.

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