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My Dear (親愛なる君へ) is a manga that was published in 2016. It about the Intelligent Robotics Lab (I.R.L) releases a new android name 'DEAR 0.1'. Once programmed, it is able to choreograph its motions and gestures with its voice. One day, a boy named Junpei stumbles across DEAR 0.1 lying against the wall on the streets, and he carries her home. Upon turning her on, she instantly regards Junpei with adoration. The only word she seems capable of calling him is 'master'. He decides to name her Elda.


  • Volume 1
    • Chapters: 1-13
    • Published: January 23, 2016
  • Volume 2
    • Chapters: 14-27
    • Published: April 16, 2016



  • Junpei Fujimoto (純平藤本) Age: 19
    • Debut: Chapter 1
  • Elda (real name DEAR 0.1) Age: 17
    • Debut: Chapter 1
  • Professor Yamada (山田) Age: 20
    • Debut: Chapter 2
    • He works at the Intelligent Robotics Lab. Since he was unable to bear a child, he created for her an android, who was later named Elda. He later falls in love with his old lab partner Airi and becomes her husband.
  • Chiharu Hino (千春日野) Age: 17
    • Debut: Chapter 4
    • She is the childhood friend of Junpei before moving away, Chiharu acts more like a sister than a friend. She isn't at all shy around Junpei and is often found behind him. Chiharu is very deeply in love with Junpei, but pains her heart with efforts to hide her feelings, because she thinks that he could never feel the same way about her. Towards the end of the manga, she realizes that Junpei loves Elda, and that her own opportunity to win his heart has passed.
    • Debut: Chapter 7
    • She is one of Junpei's prep school classmate. She was Yamada's former lab partner and she fell in love with him. She gathered the courage to tell him, and found out that he rejected her feelings. However, Airi later discovered that he has forget about her. In the end, Yamada eventually manages to persuade Airi that he wouldn't have started anything if he didn't love her for who she was, and he and Airi resume their relationship.