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Mutt is Mike Chilton's vehicle. Mutt is a green '70s muscle car (likely a 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme) with four turbine tri-pulsor engines, a slew of energy weapons, a grip of gadgets and a 21st century chopper hidden between the exhaust pipes.


Mutt's color scheme is acid green with black stripes, with several chrome exhaust pipes on both sides.

Mutt's logo is a dog driving a car and holding black billiard ball in its paw.


  • Passenger seat - Usually occupied by Chuck, it has a customized seatbelt, is cushioned for extra safety, and can be ejected from Mutt when things get out of hand.
Name Item Location Function Appear/s
Four turbine tri-pulsor engine The hood 
Pulse rifles(Mutt's primary weapons)[]
Fire green energy lazer rapidy Battle for Motorcity
360° Gun(with Flaps) On Top(folded behide)
Blastosaurus File:Blastosaurus.png Mounted on the roof Fires green energy orbs Power Trip

Super Charger

under the hood Turbo boost(s)
Mag-wheels In the wheels Reunion
Hyper Cannon At the rear ??? Vendetta
Cthulu seatbelt File:Cthulu Mutt.png The passenger seat Extra secure safety belt for Chuck
Bobblehead mutt File:Bobblehead Mutt.png Dashboard Mascot, moral support



  • Mutt is completely totaled in numerous episodes (usually having only the bobblehead survive)
  • Mutt is referred to as if it was female. Mike often calls his car "girl."
  • Mutt's engine revving distinctly sounds like a dog growl.
  • The Duke of Detroit wants to add Mutt to his collection.
  • Chuck is forbidden to drive Mutt.
  • In the unaired pilot episode, Mutt also contained a motorcycle to be used as a last resort escape. In the seaaon finale it was used to escape the explosion as Mike set the rest of Mutt to self-destruct.
  • The Mutt logo is based on Ratfink, and is an homage to the the creations of the famous hot rod cartoonist and custom car painter "Big Daddy" Ed Roth.
  • Mutt's basic shape resembles a 1970 Dodge Super Bee.


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