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Muppet Smash Brawl is a fighting game starring The Muppets

Playable Characters[]

  • Kermit

Voice Actor:Steve Whitmire

Banter: Hi ho! Kermit The Frog here."

Selection Quotation: "I think you and I would make a great team."

Winning Quotation: " Great , we won! Yaaay!"

Weapon of Choice: Banjo

Special Attack:"Yaaay!";Kermit swings his banjo like a hammer that it smashes opponents.Alternate Costumes:Captain Smollet,Reporter Kermit

Unlock: Start Strength: 7, Speed: 10, Defense: 10, Reach 10

  • Miss Piggy

Voice Actor:Eric Jacobsen

Banter:"I'm Miss Piggy"

Selection Quotation:" Pick moi -- if you wanna win."

Winning Quotation:"Of course we won! Was there any doubt?"

Weapon of Choice:Physical

Special Attack: "Hiyaaahhh!!!";Miss Piggy karate chops the ground causing her opponents to be thrown off into the distance.Alternate Costumes:Nurse Piggy,First mate Piggy


Strength:10, Speed: 7, Defense: 4, Reach: 5

  • Fozzie

Voice Actor:Eric Jacobsen

Banter:"Wocka wocka!"

Selection Quotation:"I'm Fozzie."

Winning Quotation:"See, I told you we'd win."

Weapon of Choice:Rubber Chicken

Special Attack:"Wanna see something really funny?! Wocka wocka!";Fozzie throws a flaming tomato causing his opponents to wipe out.Alternate Costumes:Patrol Bear,Wocka Wocka Werebear


Strength: 6, Speed: 9, Defense: 8, Reach: 10

  • Gonzo

Voice Actor:Dave Goelz

Banter:"I'm Gonzo the Great."

Selection Quotation:"It's a great day for a fight."

Winning Quotation:"Woo hoo! Wait till Camilla hears about this." Weapon of choice:Alien ray gun

Special Attack:"Woo hoo hoo!"Gonzo fires his ray gun which wipes out his opponents.Alternate Costumes:Stuntman Gonzo,Dearth Nadir


Strength: 5, Speed: 5, Defense: 10, Reach: 5

  • Rizzo

Voice Actor::Steve Whitmire

Banter:"Yo! This is Rizzo here."

Selection Quotation:"Hey, how ya doin'? It's Rizzo."

Winning Quotation:" Alright, we won!"

Weapon of Choice:Cheese

Special Attack:"Take a whiff of this!";Rizzo puts on a gas mask and throws a piece of limburger causing his opponents to explode.Alternate Costumes:Pete's diner Rizzo,Cabin boy Rizzo


Strength: 8, Speed: 2, Defense: 6, Reach: 9

  • Animal

Voice Actor:Eric Jacobsen

Banter:"Rock and Roll ! Rock and Roll !"

Selection Quotation:"Animal ! Animal!"

Winning Quotation:"Winning good, yeah yeah."

Weapon Of Choice:Drumsticks

Special Attack:"Beat Drums!Beat Drums!";Animal beats his opponents to a pulp with his drumsticks.Alternate Costumes:Hispaniola Animal,Knight Animal


Strength: 9, Speed: 10, Defense: 2, Reach: 8

  • Beaker

Voice Actor:Steve Whitmire


Selection Quotation:"Mee,mee,mee"

Winning Quotation:"Mee,mee,mo,mo,mee,mee,mee"

Weapon of choice:Physical (refered as Beaker-Fu)

Special Attack:"Mee,mee,mee.";Beaker pulls out out a jar of insta-grow pills consumes the entire jar and steps on his opponents then shrinks back to his regular size.Alternate Costumes:Super Beaker,Exploded Beaker


Strength: 5, Defense: 10, Speed: 10, Reach: 10

  • Dr.Teeth

voice Actor:Bill Baretta

Banter:"Golden Teeth And Golden Tones,Welcome To My Prescence."

Selection Quotation:"You pick me, it'll be one cool ride."

Winning quotation:"Oh yeah baby! Absitively posolutely!"

Weapon of choice:Arms (Teeth-Kwon Do)

Special Attack:"Let's groove baby! ";Dr.Teeth plays a groovy tune on his keybords while his opponents hypnotically dance which causes them to explode.Alternate Costumes:Hispaniola Dr.Teeth,East Bay auctioneer Dr.Teeth

Unlock:Finish story mode

Strength: 7, Speed: 7, Defense: 7, Reach: 7

  • Janice

Voice Actor:David Rudman

Banter:"Fer Sure."

Selection Quotation:"Oh wow, like I'm Janice!"

Winning Quotation:"Oh we won, far out!"

Weapon of choice:Bass Guitar

Special Attack:"Oh wow!";Janice sends out a wide array of flowers which causes her opponents to wipe out.Alternate Costumes:Nurse Janice,Geisha Janice

Strength: 5, Speed: 10, Defense: 5, Reach: 9

Unlock:Finish Story Mode

  • Sgt.Floyd Pepper

Voice Actor:Matt Vogel

Banter:"Don't be a-nnoyed, it's me, Floyd!"

Selection Quotation:"Floyd is at your service."

Winning Quotation:" Man, nothing beats the feeling of winning."

Weapon of choice:Electric Guitar

Special Attack:"Let's Rock Man";Floyd rocks his guitar so hard that his opponents burst into flames.Alternate Costumes:Camelot Floyd,Catipillar Floyd

Strength: 8, Speed: 2, Defense: 6, Reach: 9

Unlock:Finish Story Mode

  • Zoot

Voice Actor:Dave Goelz

Banter:"What's Up Man?"

Selection Quotation:"Zoot.Sax is my axe"

Winning Quotation:"We won! Woah."

Weapon Of Choice:Saxophone

Special Attack:"Let's go man.";Zoot drives the Electric Mayhem bus and runs over his opponents.Alternate Costumes:Purple Tuxedo Zoot,Mexico Zoot

Strength: 5, Speed: 10, Defense: 5, Reach: 9

Unlock:Finish Story Mode

  • Dr.Bunsen Honeydew

Voice Actor:Dave Goelz

Banter:"Greetings! I'm Dr. Honeydew."

Selection Quotation:"Oo-oo! I think you and I would make a great team."

Winning Quotation:"Woo-oh! We won. Science is our friend!"

Wepon of choice:Sharpend Bananas

Special Attacks:"Oh My.";Bunsen throws shrinking pills at his opponents which shrinks them down to size and he squishes them with his feet.Alternate Costumes:Dr.Livesey Bunsen,Cyborg Bunsen

Strength: 9, Speed: 9, Defense: 3, Reach: 6. Unlock:Finish Story Mode

Unlock:Beat him in mission mode level 1

  • Pepe

Voice Actor:Bill Baretta

Banter:"Hola.I am Pepe!"

Selection Quotation:"Pick me OK"

Winning Quotation:"We win OK."

Weapon of choice:Nunchuks

Special Attack:"Take this OK.";Pepe unleashes a hoard of lobsters that attack his opponents.Alternate costumes:Vacation Pepe,Ninja Pepe

Strength: 7, Speed: 10, Defense:10, Reach 10

Unlock:Beat him in mission mode level 2

  • Robin The Frog

Voice Actor:Matt Vogel

Banter:"Hi, I'm Robin"

Selection Quotation:"Hi, I'm Robin, I'd love it if you picked me."

Winning Quotation;"Gee, I love it when we win."

Weapon of Choice: Muppet Labs Power Glove

Special Attack:"YEAH!.";Robin sends out a laser from his power glove.Alternate Costumes:Frog Scout Robin,Green Fairy Robin

Strength: 10, Speed: 2, Defense: 4, Reach: 7 Unlock Beat him in mission mode level 3

  • Scooter

Voice Actor:David Rudman

Banter:"I'm Scooter, the band's road manager."

Selection Quotation:" I'm Scooter, I'd love to fight today."

Winning Quotation:" Gee boss, I love to win. "

Weapon of Choice:Clip board

Special Attack:"15 seconds till showtime!";Scooter cues a lighting fixture to smash his opponents.Alternate costumes:Superhero Scooter,Scarecrow Scooter

Strength: 8, Speed: 1, Defense: 10, Reach: 8

Unlock:Beat him in mission mode level 4

  • Sam the Eagle

Voice Actor:Eric Jacobsen

Banter:"Greetings! I am Sam the American Eagle."

Selection Quotation:"Pick me if you are a true American."

Winning Quotation:"Winning is very patriotic."

Weapon Of Choice:Wings

Special Attack:"Ten Hut!";Sam sends out a hoard of fireworks causing his opponents to explode.Alternate costumes:Ghost of Sam Arrow,Headmaster Sam


Unlock:Beat him in Mission Mode Level 5

  • Rowlf

Voice Actor:Bill Baretta

Banter:" Hi, I'm Rowlf."

Selection Quotation:"Woof woof! Rowlf the Dog here. Pleased to meet ya."

Winning Quotation:"We won! Not bad at all."

Weapon of choice:Keytar

Special Attack:Woof woof! Awoo!";Rowlf digs a hole and covers his opponents in dirt.Alternate Costumes:Merlin The Magician,Dr.Bob


Unlock:Beat him in Mission mode level 6

  • Jen

Voice Actor:Scott Menville

Banter:"Are you a Gelfling? Like me?"

Selection Quotation: "The prophecy didn't say anything about this!"

Winning Quotation:"What was sundered and undone Shall be whole, the two made one"

Weapon of choice:Crystal Shard

Special Attack: Jen calls out Kira who rides on a land strider which runs over his opponents


Unlock:Beat him in mission mode level 7

  • Jareth the Goblin King

Voice Actor:David Bowie

Banter:" It's only forever, not long at all."

Selection Quotation:"Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave."

Winning Quotation:" I ask for so little.But congraulations."

Weapon of Choice:Crystal Ball

Special Attack:"So, the Labyrinth is a piece of cake, is it? Well, let's see how you deal with this little slice... ";Jareth throws his crystal ball which turns into the cleaners and runs over his opponents

Strength:10, Speed:9,Defense:10,Reach:9


Lew Zeland (Playable after you defeat him)

Gobo Fraggle (Playable after you defeat him)

Swdish Chef (Playable after you beat him)

Sweetums (Playable when he is defeated in mission mode)

Skeksis (playable when defeated in story mode)

Statler and Waldorf (together)

Non Playable Characters[]

Chicken (Playable when all characters are unlocked)

Penguin (Playable after you play as all characters in story mode)

Frackle (Playable when you destroy the end credits)

Garthim (playable when Skeksis is unlocked)

Goblin (playable when Jareth is unlocked)


Muppet Theater

Muppet Labs

Fraggle Rock

Crystal chamber

Muppet Kitchen

Pete's diner


Happiness Hotel

Treasure Island

The castle beyond the Goblin city


Boomerang Fish -These can be used only once after you throw them at your opponents

Essence of Gelfling-This item gives you full health

Dynamite -Well,you know what it does

Fart Shoes - When activated these shoes will give you a temporary force field

Muppet Mana - These vials of Muppet Mana will fill up a portion of your Special Attack bar