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Muppet Classic Theater is an animated series based on the short flim. It will be on Disney Chanel, Disney XD, and The Hub. It will be on March 25, 2012. The Host will be Gonzo and Rizzo and Pepe okay . There will be old storys and new storys. Rizzo is The Make Uper and Gonzo is our Actor and Storyteller.


  • Kermit/ Actor
  • Miss Piggy/Actor
  • Fozzie/Actor
  • Gonzo/Storyteller and Actor and Host
  • Rizzo/Storyteller and Actor and Host
  • Pepe/ Storyteller in Season 3 and actor and host
  • Whatnots/Actors
  • Shadorf and Waldorf/ Actors
  • Animal/Actor
  • Sweetums/Bodyguard
  • Andy and Randy Pig/ Actors
  • Dr.Teeth, Zoot, Jance/Actors
  • Scooter/proudcer
  • Peguins/Band
  • Sam Eagle/Actor
  • Skeeter/Actor
  • The Moopets/Band
  • 80sRobot/ Actor
  • Walter/ Actor and Directer
  • Thog/ Bodyguard


Season 1:

  1. Snow White/ Cinderella/ Peter Pan
  2. Adam and Eve/ How The World Started/ The Boy Who Cried Wolf (Remade)
  3. The Empore New Clothes (remade)/ Elves are back ! (Rizzo's Madeup Story)/Baby Jesus
  4. The Invesibale Man/ James and The Giant Peach/ Jack and the Beanstalk
  5. Hansle and Gretle/ The Prnicess and the Pea/ The Little Mermaid
  6. Three Little Pigs are back ! (Rizzo's Made Up Story) Long Episode
  7. The Pot of Gold (St. Patrick Day Speisal)
  8. Alice in Wonderland/ The Mind/ The Old Kite
  9. The Classic is in The Future ! Part 1
  10. The Classic in The Future ! Part 2
  11. The Classic in The Future! Part 3 !
  12. The Classic in The Future ! Part 4 !


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