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The relationships of Moon with the other characters of The Final Fantasy.



Moon and Norm were best friend when they were infants, but, when he and cousin Candy were banished, Moon was heartbroken. When they reunited in the jungle, they finally realized their friendship had grown into a relationship. As young adults, there are a couple of hints that Norm fell in love with Moon, such as the fact that he kept the note she gave him as a child. form a strong friendship or sibling-like bond in their journey, but Moon develops feelings for Norm not only because he's a nice guy, but because his optimism reignited her own as well. But when he confesses that he wants to stay, their relationship suddenly became incredibly hateful, filled with bitterness and jealousy and they got separated. Later in the film, Norm returns to village and he was pleasantly surprised by Moons confession : "That's why I'm in love with you", he also applies that he loves her back and heals her mental illness, and they and hug and kiss. In the end, the gremlins live in peace and harmony, and Moon and Norm eventually gets married.


Mist Shimmer[]

Moon was raised by her grandmother as an infant and they have a loving relationship. Mist Shimmer was also protective of her, ensuring that Moon didn't run off to where she could get herself into danger. During the film,