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Monsters 3-Randall's Adventure is the probable upcoming sequel to the 2001 film Monster's inc. It will be about Randall.

Plot & Story[]

In the beginning you see a snowie hill behind a green valley full of flowers and a lake in the middle. Randall appears sitting by a pond on the mountain, with his feet in the water, sad & miserable, throwing on his reflection in the water a stone and saying angrily "why did that happen". suddenly he remembers in a flashback the good times of only him & Mike. he decides that he is coming back to the monster world and opening a new fresh start. then comes the opening of the movie. Randall walks along the side of the river in the green valley. suddenly he finds a little house in a village on the side of the river. he comes into the house and tries to scare someone, but he finds cupcakes. his stomach quakes from hunger so he runs to the cupcakes and eats all of them. suddenly he sees a teenage girl and him and the girl shout loudly. the girl told Randall that she is sorry if she scared him. then, Randall sits in the kitchen and the girl cooks for him more cupcakes. Randall asked her whats her name, and she answered that her name is Carlie Amanderson. she asked Randall whats his name and he answered, "my name is Randall Boggs". he told her that he came from a different dimension and he wants to go back there and apologize to his frenemies Mike and Sulley. she then got interested, realized that his a monster, and tought him how to bake cupcakes. Randall than became her pet lizard and they had fun together the whole day. In the evening, Randall went to sleep next to Carlie on the same bed. tomorrow morning, Randall stayed in the house while Carlie went to school. Randall then phoned Mike Wazowski and told him that he apologizes about what happened in the past and that he is stuck now in the human world. Mike straight away closed the phone angrily and went to talk to Sulley instead. Mike told to Sulley about Randall's apology and treated it as a joke until Mike and Sulley found a message. in the message there was a picture of Randall crying in the human world and a letter that sayed that Randall will always love him and he did these bad acts just because he wanted to look for someones love. Sulley then sayed "Let's GO To The RESCUE!" Mike and Sullivan rushed frew the MI passage. suddenly they met Johnny J. Worthington who looks the same as once just with a mustache, a beard and business clothes. he said hello to them, talked to them about Collage and asked them what's they weakness. Mike replied that they weakness is the criminal Waternoose. mike and Sulley carry on they way. Johnny then goes to jail and rescues Waternoose, and other criminals called Patty Bone, Don Megaro and Booster Jazen. he and waternoose plan a revenge, to get back Randall Boggs and with him kill Sulley & Mike. they put Waternoose to be they leader and Johnny into the his right-hand vice. In the human world, Carlie Amanderson comes back from school. as soon as she enters her room, Randall licks her on her pants, shirt, hands and then face. she suddenly hears a ring from her entrance door. when she opens, she gets shocked. she meets Rogger Gopps, a monster hunter who tries to kill monsters so he can open a monster musiem and show the world that monsters are real. Roger introduces himself shows Carlie his monster book and tells her that he is looking for a 4 foot long purple legendary chameleon called the Mexican Snaprator. he told her that he can turn invisible and even disappear. Carlie whispers to Randall that he should hide. while he turned invisible, he crushed in to a wooden chair and camouflaged into a wood lizard. Roger called his minion hunters and they all went after Randall. Randall hid under the bed but one hunter pulled him out of the bed and gave him to another hunter who put him into a 4 foot tall sack. suddenly, Sulley came to the rescue. he scared all the hunters and all the hunters then moved back except for Rogger Gopps who stood only a little scared. Sulley, Mike and Carlie carried the sack and Roger ordered the hunters to chase them in any dimension. the four get away from the hunters and appear in the lake on the snow mountain top. Mike Wazowski open the sack and found Randall crying. Mike & Sulley asked Randall why he is crying. Randall answered that he doesn't deserve to go back to the Monster World with them. Mike told him that the past is the past but you must always look at your future. Mike and Randall were crying then from happiness and they cuddled each other with the sunset behind them. Sulley then wanted to join the cuddle, but when he joined the cuddle, he jumped on them a cannon ball jump and the three fell down making Mike complain "Hey! who let you join our moment cuddle!". after the cuddle, they carried on they way in a helicopter that Fungus drove. Mike, Randall and Sulley were looking at they album full of pictures from the scaring collage. Randall and Mike, after looking at lots of stuff from the album, saw the picture of them singing the MU song, making them sing loud for a minute until Fungus tells them angrily in a high shouting tone to shut up. night suddenly came quietly, and the monsters stopped in a forest to sleep. they suddenly saw hunters holding wolves looking for Randall. they appeared in that time on a far away hill. the monsters barley took any notice and made a bonfire. they ate shish cabab for dinner. Sulley by mistake bit a wooden stick and every one laugh. Just after Randall told a scary story about the hunter humans, the Hunters, they wolves and they leader Rogger Gopps came out of the shadows. Carly then told everyone to run away. the 5 protagonists ran to a river, took a boat and fell down a giant waterfall.

Then. they found themselves wet in the sunrise, and tied up to trees. Waternoose then came and briefly said "Hello, what are you doing here?" and Johnny ticked Mike briefly saying "You look nice" and then Mike pushed Johnny away and said "You put you're hands off me or I'll seriously bite you!" Waternoose then heard the hunters coming and then told his gang "There's no time for nonsense now! We have to put them onto the ship!" and then Johnny carried Randall, Fungus & Mike while Patty carried Sulley and Don Megaro carried Carlie. they all got onto a helicopter and the helicopter started moving outside the forest, meanwhile the hunters, led by Rogger who stood in front of everyone, got to the bottom of the waterfall and saw open ropes. Roger suddenly saw a helicopter of Monsters Inc. and told the hunters to take they helicopters and follow the Monsters Inc. Helicopter, than shoot it down until it crash-lands, then kill every monster that stays alive. Waternoose then said to the protagonists that he will take them to the monster world on condition that they kidnap 1,000 children. The 4 monster protagonists didn't want to but Waternoose threatened them that if they wont do it he'll backstab Carlie, so they thought about it in fear, until the hunters shot the helicopter and the helicopter crash landed into a desert. the protagonists ran away while Roger and his hunters fought Waternoose and his evil monster gang. Then suddenly, Waternoose told Johnny to climb up the cliff and dig the edge of the cliff with the tractor lying on top of the cliff so the whole piece of sand and rock will fall onto the hunters. Johnny then climbed up the mountain, well a hunter shot him, so he fell down back to the ground. then Patty Bon and Don Megaro climbed up and succeeded to get to the top. Patty Bon got into the tractor and threw pieces of cliff onto the hunters, but Rogger suddenly shot the wheel of the tractor, making a puncher, and a sand storm pushed the tractor down the cliff onto the head of Johnny and to Johnny's death. The monsters where surrounded by the hunters so Waternoose then scared the hunters away, making one drop his RPG gun. Waternoose then took the RPG gun and said "We create our own weapons". However, Sulley, Mike, Carlie, Randall and Fungus ran back into the forest. Fungus said he didn't know what to do so he phoned a number which was secretly Waternoos's number. He then told the guys to look for food, which they did, and told Waternoose on the phone about their location. Waternoose, who knew the way back to the monster world, convinced the monsters who didn't have power since Mike and Sulley left them, that the reason why they don't have power is because Sulley and Mike have gone to the human world to save the humans. the monsters then turned into an angry mob and went looking for Sulley and Mike. Sulley then came back with a couple of berries, ate them and then vomited them. Mike came with a sandwich he stole from a baby. Carlie and Randall found lemons and bananas. Sulley than remembered that humans plant banana trees and asked Randall where he found it. Randall than said that he knows the way back to the monster world. Then, Carlie shut up and started crying and running away, not listening to Randall telling her "don't go". Carlie ran away crying through the forest, Well the hunters suddenly caught her telling that they heard someone (secretly Fungus) telling them they will get 100,000,000 dollars if they hunt up Randall's monster gang. Later Fungus phones Waternoose again in front of Sulley, Mike & Randall to tell that he has done all of his tasks. Randall asked Fungus what he meant and Fungus then replied that he is working for Waternoose as a right-hand to get rid of them to get revenge on his former bosses who annoyed him up to here. then the angry mob of monsters came and suddenly a monster from behind ambushed them with a sack. Suddenly, the monster took them out of the sack and the trio found out that the monster was a purple lizard like Randall. Randall suddenly recognized that it's his father. When Randall came into the tribe all the people in the tribe recognized him including Beaty K. Boars, Randall's arch rival. Beaty moved everyone out of his way as he appeared in front of Randall as a big 8 foot tall lizard with blocks on his stomach and a mustache. He then reminded Randall that the reason he went is because he was exiled from the kingdom for ever. However, his father said he is sorry but Beaty put his hand on his mouth to shut him up and told Randall that if he wants to play he must play it fair. Beaty invited Randall for a fight at 2 a.m.

Cast and characters[]

Steve Buscemi as Randall Boggs, the film's main protagonist.

John Goodman as James P. Sulley, one of the film's deuteragonists

Billy Crystal as Mike Wazowski, one of the film's deuteragonists

Kelsey Grammer as Waternoose, the main antagonist of the film. his goal is to get Randall help him kill Sulley & Mike and later kill all three of them.

Beth Behrs as Carlie Amanderson, the tritagonist of the film. she befriends with Randall and shares with him adventures.

Tom Felton as Booster Jazen, an antagonist in Randall's Adventure. he is a large 5 foot tall monster with a red body, two white round googly eyes, two sharp teeth, two red wings simular to Dean Hardscrabble, yellow pants and black bigfoot feet.

Nathan Fillon as Johnny J. Worthington, the tertiary antagonist of the film, alongside Rogger. he wanted revenge on Sulley, Mike & Randall (he still calls Randall "Randy") so he rescued lots of prisoners from jail including Waternoose and became Waternoos's main henchman & sidekick.

Johnny Depp as - Jeff "Ronno" Boggs, Randall's father, the leader of the tribe and a supporting protagonist in the film.

Alfred Molina as Beaty K. Boars, Randall's rival and a supporting anti-protagonist threw the film.

Zendaya as - Rebeka Boggs, Randall's mother and a supporting protagonist of the film.

Vanessa Hudgens as Patty Bon, a female antagonist in Randall's Adventure. she is a blue thin pretty monster with long red hair, two blue eyes (white eyes with one blue spot inside each eye), black bekini, orange pants and thin legs.

Dermot Mulroney as Don Megaro, an antagonist in the film. he is a monster, more info coming soon.

Migeul Ferrer as Rogger Gopps, the leader of the monster hunters and the tertiary antagonist of the film.

Reese Witherspoon as Emma Brooks, Carlie's 21 year old aunt who is getting married.

Frank Oz as Jeff Fungus, the hidden secondary antagonist through the film.

more TBA surprises.