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Mittens is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2008 animated feature film Bolt.

She is a sassy and short-tempered street cat whom Bolt at first mistakenly believed was an agent of Dr. Calico. She is pessimistic and has a dry sense of humor. She lives the life of a thief who suffers from traumatophobia (a fear of battle and physical injury). She wasn't interested in friendship at first but she is eventually moved by Bolt's loyalty and willing to know about how to live a normal dog life. Judging by her color patterns, she appears to be a Tuxedo cat who speaks with a New York accent.


Mittens has a very sad past, as she was originally a house cat. Unfortunately, her owners moved and abandoned the declawed cat. She managed to survive in New York City by having the local pigeons bring her food in exchange for "protection", meaning she would hurt them if they did not conform to her wishes.


Mittens is a very intelligent and street-smart cat and a true friend. She has shown to be patient and tolerant, even when dragged around on a leash. However, she suffered great trauma when her owners threw her out, bringing out a lot of the darker side in her. She suffered from traumatophobia, a fear of battle and physical injury. She also became sassy, sarcastic, short-tempered, and pessimistic.

Role in the film[]

Mittens is a street smart alley cat whom Bolt encounters early on in the movie. As Bolt drags her across the country so that she can help him find Penny, it is later revealed that she once had a family who abandoned her, a declawed cat, to fend for herself. She is the one who tells Bolt that he is an actor from a TV show, and that everything he believes is real is not, which makes her angry and sad at a point to believe that Bolt is more dumb and naive than she thought. They depart on a journey to help Bolt find Penny, one thing that he's gives more attention than Mittens, who appears to developed feelings for Bolt and wanted Bolt to stay with her, but he does not give her attention and after a discussion, Mittens rejects Bolt and tell him to leave her alone, making Bolt heartbroken as doesn't know about that Mittens started to like him. Although she initially thinks of Penny to be the same as the humans who left her, she eventually comes to understand that she truly loves Bolt and helps him to save her from the studio that started to be covered in flames. Bolt tries to call for help, since that Penny has fainted due to the exceded smoke inahalation and succeed in save himself and Penny. Later, Penny resigns from her work as a actor and she along with her mother, Bolt, Mittens and Rhino moved to a house. Bolt and Mittens became closest friends.


  • Mittens was thought by many fans to be the main protagonist of the film. However, it turns out to be Bolt.
  • Mittens is of German descent.
  • By size and behavior, she is in her late twenties or early thirties in human years.
  • She is adopted to her adoptive parents because her very original owners moved and abandoned the declawed cat, this isn’t true, it’s just fanon.


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