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Mickey and Duffy's Search for The Titanic is an animated 2012 Movie based on The Titanc. It's Follows Mickey and His Teddy Bear, it's Directed by Bret Iwan, also Voices Mickey Mouse.It Follows On Mickey and Duffy want to be heros trying to find an famous Ship Reck.


Mickey and Duffy always wanted to be an great captain, so they tought of doing something to do with ocean, With Minnie, Donald, Goofy say that they should find a ship reack, Mickey read bunch of books untill he found out about the Titanic Ship Wreck.They Go on a Submarine trying to find the Titanic, But Actully get blocked by Silly Sharks.


Bret Iwan - Mickey Mouse

Russi Taylor - Minnie Mouse

Tony Anselmo - Donald Duck

Bill Farmer - Goofy, Pluto

Neil Patrick Harris - Sharks


  • Duffy is an Disney Parks Characters that was only put in Only Mickey Movie where he Gose out to sea
  • Mickey Mouse has a new Voice Actor.
  • This is an Spin Off of The Titanic