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A wizard from another planet named Yen Sid, gives Mickey and his friends super-powers to fight against evil.

Disney Defenders[]

Mickey Mouse/Mighty Mouse- The leader of the Disney Defenders, he has super-stength and flight power.

Minnie Mouse/Mighty Mousette- The Disney Defenders second-in-command, and Mickey's girlfriend, she has telekinesis.

Donald Duck/Destructo Duck- He fires beams of energy.

Goofy/Captain Goof- The comic relief of the Disney Defenders, he has shapeshifting powers.

Daisy Duck/Delighful Duck- She is Donald's girlfriend has invisibility powers.

Pluto/The Incredible Mutt- The Disney Defenders mascot, he can transform into a giant monster dog at will.

Yen Sid- The advisor of the Disney Defenders, he is a master of magic.


The Phantom Blot- The Disney Defenders most dangerous enemy, he seems to know Yen Sid somehow, his body is made of living ink.

Pete/Power Pete- Has super-strength.

The Beagle Boys- A gang of thugs often hired by Pete.