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Quotes and Lines spoken by Mickey Mouse.

Disney Magical World Series

  • "Hiya, pal! I'm Mickey! It sure is great that you could join us."
  • "Gosh, everythin' must be so new and excitin' for ya! That means you're an official resident now--like us!"
  • "I got somethin' for ya. It's a welcome present from us to you! Here ya go!"
  • "I sure hope you like it!"
  • "Wow! It's like it was made for ya! What d'ya think, Minnie?"
  • "Hiya, pal! Good to see ya! This is really nice ya got here! I'm gonna make the most of my visit, that's for sure!"
  • "Easter means spring's here! C'mon, everybody! Let's celebrated spring!"
  • "Hey! Seein' ya run around all full of energy like that... Why, it makes me awful happy!"
  • "Hiya, Mallerie! Hot dog, I sure am glad to see ya! I hope ya have a great day!"
  • "I just love the holiday season! Getting together with friends and presents... Did ja get your shopping done?"
  • "Keep your ears open! When ya get close enough to somebody, ya might hear 'em mumble somethin'. If what they say sounds interestin' enough, go ahead and talk to 'em!"

Kinect Disneyland Adventures Series

Transcript Character
"Gosh, I hope to see ya at the parade! it goes right down Main Street!" Mickey Mouse
"Gosh, it sure is a nice sunny day." Mickey Mouse
"Gosh, sure is a nice day." Mickey Mouse
"Ha-ha! Haya, folks! It's great to see ya." Mickey Mouse
"Haya, everybody! Hope you have a great day! Ha-ha!" Mickey Mouse
"Hey, if anybody sees Pluto, would ya tell him I'm lookin' for him?" Mickey Mouse
"Hmm. Wonder where Minnie is." Mickey Mouse
"I love gettin' to watch everybody." Mickey Mouse
"Make sure ya catch the fireworks tonight! They're gonna be a blast! Ha-ha!" Mickey Mouse
"There's notin' like bein' here on a sunny day." Mickey Mouse
"Ooh! Sleeping Beauty's Castle look extra beautiful today." Mickey Mouse
"What a great day to be in the park, huh?" Mickey Mouse


Transcript Character
"What 'til Buzz Lightyear sees that blaster. He's gonna love it!" Mickey Mouse


Transcript Character
"All right!" Mickey Mouse
"Aw, gosh. Ha-ha! Thanks." Mickey Mouse
"Aw, I like you too, pal." Mickey Mouse
"Aw, I love gettin' hugs." Mickey Mouse
"Cool dance moves pal!" Mickey Mouse
"Gosh, have ya seen Pluto? I sure hope he's not diggin' up Minnie's Flower garden again." Mickey Mouse
"Gosh, I bet you're gonna get lotsa autograph. Huh, pal?" Mickey Mouse
"Have fun, pal!" Mickey Mouse
"Here you go, pal! Thanks for askin'." Mickey Mouse
"Ho, I hear you went on the Jungle Cruise. Hope those hippos didn't toss ya outta the boat." Mickey Mouse
"Hot dog!" Mickey Mouse
"Hot dog! I was just hopin' you'd come back. I've really missed ya, pal!" Mickey Mouse
"Look at you! Oh, that was great!" Mickey Mouse
"Nice to meet you, miss. Ha-ha! My name's Mickey Mouse!" Mickey Mouse
"See ya real soon!" Mickey Mouse
"Yeah!" Mickey Mouse
"You'd like my autograph? Wow, what an honor!" Mickey Mouse


Transcript Character
"Gosh pal. I was hopin' to get some of my friends autographs today. But I've been busy with the Toontown Mayor election that I haven't had the chance. Say, do ya think you could ask Donald to sign this book for me? I'd sure appreciate it." Mickey Mouse
"S'long! Thanks for gettin' Donald autographs for me!" Mickey Mouse
"Wow! You got Donald's autograph! Thanks, pal! But actually, this autograph book's not for me. It's for Goofy. He's been watin' an autograph collection, and I thought it be nice to help him get started. Do ya think you can bring the book to him?" Mickey Mouse
"S'long! Oh, and thanks for givin' the book to Goofy!" Mickey Mouse
"I've got a present for ya. It's your own magical camera! If you'd like, you can practice taking' a picture for me. (chuckles) Here, I'll pose and you can take my picture, okay?" Mickey Mouse
"You go it! (chuckles) You'll be a pro with that camera in no time." Mickey Mouse
"Say, pal! Could ya help me out again? I'm makin' a photo album for Minnie. But I still need pictures of Goofy and Donald. Would ya mind findin' Goofy anf takin' his picture for me? Thanks!" Mickey Mouse
"See ya! And thanks again for helpin' me get Goofy's picture!" Mickey Mouse
"Gosh, ya really came through for me pal! The photo album's complete! What a great surprise for Minnie! Oh, ya know what? I got an idea. Since you helped me so much. I'd like you give the album to Minnie! That'll be an even bigger surprise! (laughs)" Mickey Mouse
"Bye-bye! Don't forget about Minnie's photo album!" Mickey Mouse
"Oh, ya wanna try a little magic to help Minnie? Oh, gosh, the last time I used magic to enchant those brooms, they went all crazy and wouldn't listen! (chuckles) I sure hope you have better luck. But first, ya gotta dress the part. I bet you can find a sorcerer's outfit like the one I had around here somewhere." Mickey Mouse
"Well, s'long pal. Can't wait to see ya all dressed up. You're gonna look great!" Mickey Mouse


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"Did you forget what you were gonna say?" Mickey Mouse
"I'd love to talk to ya." Mickey Mouse
"I'm ready when you are." Mickey Mouse
"Kinda quite, huh? Aw, that's okay. I'm not in a hurry." Mickey Mouse
"Oh, gosh, you sure are sweet - just like Minnie." Mickey Mouse
"That's okay - take your time." Mickey Mouse
"Uh... Ha-ha! Well uh, here we are." Mickey Mouse
"We Could dance or uh..." Mickey Mouse