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Mickey Mouse, the Sorcerer's Apprentice is a story about apprentice Mickey Mouse and his mentor Yen Sid on their way to find relics thought to be destroyed and/or lost. It is based on the famous animated segment of the same name in both Fantasia and Fantasia 2000.

Chapter 1. - Memories[]

Mickey Mouse is there, doing the chores, meanwhile sorcerer Yen Sid is working on his magic as always. Is midday. Yen Sid then takes a break, and starts watching Mickey doing his chores. The sorcerer then proceeds to call:

"Come here, little mouse. I've got something to tell you."

Mickey comes near the wizard.

"Something to tell me? What is that?" said Mickey.

Yen Sid went on to explain.

"Look, my friend. I'm seeing you are doing your chores. That's good. But it reminds me of some accident that happened not long ago. How did this room get flooded by water?" Yen Sid asked.

"I was simply giving life to that broom, and told it to take my place, to fill the vat with water." Mickey answered.

"Using magic, I guess."

"That's right, master. Then I think I have fallen asleep."

"Well, that signifies that you have a long road ahead if you want to be a powerful magician, like me."

"Master, one more thing."

"What is it, dear mouse?"

"I was shocked when I woke up. I was trying desperately to stop the brooms to no success. It was then when I picked an axe and destroyed the broom, you see. And it won't last long because the pieces would become more brooms, and..."

"And what? Did you tried to stop the army of brooms?"

"I was looking for a spell to stop the brooms, but I went down a whirlpool. That's when you came in, master."

"Now I see the reasons for the catastrophe you caused then. As well as your best intentions of fixing the problem. Must I know that my magic hat is too powerful for you at this moment. Oh, I heard that you fall asleep at one point.

"That's right, master"

"Tell me, fellow apprentice. What did you dream then?

"I was dreaming of being a powerful sorcerer on top of a penicle, commanding the stars, the planets, and the water."

Yen Sid then became impressed.

"That must be an interesting dream, I see." Yen Sid told to Mickey. "You must know that you are still an apprentice, and you need to be trained more. That's the reason I'll teach you magic tomorrow."

"That's good, master. That will make me a very powerful sorcerer!" Mickey answered.

"Good, good. Now go to sleep. Tomorrow is a great day. Good night, Mickey"

"Good night, master!"

And then each other went to their chambers to sleep.

Chapter 2. A magician is born[]