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The relationships of Melody.




Melody with Ariel

Ariel is Melody's mother. They have a strong loving mother-daughter relationship. Ariel was overprotective of her because of Morgana's threat when Melody was a baby. Ariel wanted to keep all the knowledge of Atlantica from Melody until Morgana is found. Melody's love of the sea proves too strong. As a result, she severs all ties with Atlantica and the ocean in hopes of preventing Morgana from using Melody's heritage to her advantage.

Ariel knew that she shouldn't have kept Melody from the sea and that the sea is a part of her and her daughter. Ariel tried to stop Melody from giving the trident to Morgana, but Melody refuses to forgive her for keeping the truth from her. Morgana tells Melody that Ariel is trying to protect her from her. After the defeat of Morgana, Melody reunites with her parents.

Ariel comforts her daughter and apologizes truly for the incident for not telling her the truth sooner. Melody explains she never meant to hurt anyone, but believed she would be better as a mermaid than a girl. However, Ariel assures her daughter that it doesn't matter whether she has fins or feet, as she and Eric love Melody for who she is, their "brave little girl". Then Melody finally accepted who she is.

Prince Eric[]


Eric with Melody

Eric is Melody's father. Unlike Ariel, he did not support her decision to keep Melody's mermaid heritage a secret from her or not tell her the reason why she is not allowed in the sea, as he believed they should have just told her daughter the truth; regarding her mermaid heritage and her or the reason why she is not allowed in the sea, not keep her in the dark about it. Eric believes that Melody is old enough to deserve an explanation and that withholding all the answers to her questions has done more harm than good, at which point Ariel realizes that she is making the same mistake as Triton once did with her and decides to tell Melody the truth.

Eric convinced Ariel that she knows the waters and they're daughter. After Morgana's defeat, Eric carries his daughter and said to her that he was so afraid they almost had her lost.

King Triton[]


Melody hugs Triton.

Triton is Melody's grandfather.

Triton met her when she was a baby. After 12 years, She didn't know this after being banned from the sea. In Atlantica, Melody saw him in surprise and thinks he doesn't look like a thief. Morgana revealed the truth about Melody's connection to Atlantica and Triton.

Melody got the trident back from Morgana and threw it to Triton. After the defeat of Morgana, Triton and Melody then officially meet and Melody immediately hugs her grandfather, delighted to finally getting to know him. Triton feels that Melody has earned the right to decide which world she wants to belong to, is his granddaughter and a child of two different worlds.

Friends and Allies[]



Sebastian was told by King Triton to watch over Melody. After 12 years, Sebastian disapproves of Melody's obsession over the sea, knowing the dangers that lie within them (namely Ursula's vengeful sister Morgana, who seeks to unleash her wrath upon Melody and her family), but the headstrong princess fails to listen, finding herself completely captivated by the world of the ocean.

One evening, during Melody's 12th birthday, Sebastian accidentally finds himself in the ballroom, amongst the crowd of royals, and more importantly, the psychotic Chef Louis, who tries to murder the crab out of spite for ruining the birthday cake. Sebastian manages to escape, but unintentionally embarrasses Melody in the process, reinforcing her fear of being an outcast amongst her fellow royals. Later that night, Sebastian tries to cheer up the child as an apology for his antics, but it results in her leaving into the sea. Sebastian quickly informs Ariel and Eric, and a search breaks through. King Triton is informed of this and, after turning Ariel back into a mermaid, the team takes the search into the waters. Eventually, the family finds themselves battling Morgana at the sea witch's lair. She soon meets her defeat at the hands of Melody, and with her out of the way, peace can be restored to land and sea, much to Sebastian's delight.

Tip and Dash[]


Tip and Dash are the inspiring hero penguin and walrus who Melody meets on her way to Atlantica. Because she no longer has the map to it she asks the two for their help to guide her there, even Tip didn't want to help Melody once he learns that she is a human, who was turned into a mermaid, Dash convinces Tip to help Melody as she is someone in need of their help.




Morgana is Melody's enemy. During Melody's christened as a baby, she was capture by Morgana and used her as a threat to Undertow if King Triton doesn't give her the trident.



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Alex is the (presumably) love interest for Melody; since she immediately develops a crush on him from the moment they met.