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Megazon is an alien warlord who made his debut in the television series, Big Hero 6: The Animated Series. He is actually a character from a fictional TV Show called The Ultra Soldiers, which is Fred's favorite superhero show, who entered the real after stealing Fred's birthday gift: A device which was intended to allow Fred to enter the worlds of TV shows so he can meet them. Megazon is voiced by Scottie Ray.


Big Hero 6 (film)[]

Megazon is not seen, and we know absolutely NOTHING about him. However, he is mentioned in a throwaway line when Yokai attacks the group by Fred who shouts, "HOLY MOTHER OF MEGAZON!"

Big Hero 6: The Animated Series[]

Megazon makes his first on-screen appearance in the animated series episode, The Ultra Soldiers, where he is the main villain of a TV Show Fred loves, called The Ultra Soldiers, which is an homage to Power Rangers. He eventually gets free from the show after stealing a device from Fred and becomes one of the BH6's deadliest foes.


Megazon is a ruthless alien tyrant and the main antagonist of Fred's favorite superhero TV Show, The Ultra Soldiers. He wants nothing more than to conquer and destroy entire planets and galaxies to expand his intergalactic empire. However, he is frequently stopped by The Ultra Soldiers, who use their mechanized Dords to battle him. Megazon has superhuman strength, a powerful magical staff which can emit powerful energy weapons as well as convert into a sword, as well as the ability to change size at will. When Fred got a cool invention to enter the Ultra Soldiers world in the TV as a gift for his birthday, Megazon used this device to transport himself to the real world, where he proceeded to rampage through San Fransokyo and demolish half the city as well giving the Big Hero 6 a serious pounding. However, using Fred's knowledge of the show, they finally managed to stop him and send him back into the TV show where he belongs. He was one of the team's deadliest foes.

It is well-known that Megazon does NOT take failure well at all, and when one of his minions fails an assignment given to them, he angrily punishes them by tearing off one of their limbs violently. It is never seen, but it is very much implied that he does so.

Physical Apperance[]

For the most part, Megazon has a very humanoid apperance. He wears spiked black armor, including that of a helmet with large spikes on top. We don't know what his face looks like behind it, but he has red eyes. He has a black cape, which he removes when he's in battle.