You better move or you'll get a look at my stony glare
―Medusa threatening someone

Medusa is a minor antagonist in The Goddesses of Sr. High. She is the school's mean, but misunderstood girl.



Medusa's not afraid to show her true colors and be cross with people. She likes teasing Aphrodite and calling her "Bubbles", much to her annoyance. She gets easily annoyed by others and her bitter attitude is the reason she is so unpopular with the other students.

Despite being mean and nasty, Medusa secretly is lonely and wishes to fit in. The only person whose ever seen this side of her is Ophelia, but Medusa refuses her help. She often looks to her snakes, and sometimes Pheme and Pandora, for comfort.

Physical Appearance

Medusa is a slender teen with a dark complexion, nine snakes growing from her head and stone grey eyes. Before she made a deal with Nemesis, she has green hair and green eyes, like her twin sisters.

Her outfit varies throughout the series.


  • Stone Glare: Nemesis granted her a power where every time she gets real angry and glares at them, they turn to stone.

Role in the Series

In My New Olympus Life, she is shown with her two sisters calling Aphrodite "Bubbles" much to the latter's annoyance. Ophelia stands up to her by calling her "Greenie" fuling her own annoyance as well. Done with her sisters bullying and Ophelia, she makes a deal with Nemesis to get revenge on them; but she only gets snakes for hair, and a glare that only turns non-cresented students to stone. She is seen crying, because she is being made fun of, but Ophelia comforts her, which causes her to be confused by her actions. When she fails her mission, she is then possessed by Nemesis, who enhances her powers and helps Medusa turn everyone to stone, thus starting the Stone Epidemic. After Ophelia shows off her light powers, Nemesis is knocked out of Medusa's body, and Medusa is back to her old self, but with her grey eyes and snakey hair. She is then seen getting a gift from Ophelia, but is confused by why she would send her a gift.

During this, it is revealed that Medusa acts like this because she is lonely, and only Pheme, Pandora, and Ophelia know about this.


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