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Cards and Scans[]

Tom Majors (Chaotic: The Creatures of Warriors)

Episode Appearances[]

Used in BattleDrome[]

"Welcome to Perim"(first appearance)

"The Encounter"

"Shadow Maxxor"

"DNA Maze"

"Sentinel Poles"

"Dream Warriors"

"The Two Toms"

"Tom's New Day"

"Maxxor Revenge"

"The Legend of Tom and Sarah"

"Level Up"

"Return of the Maxxor"

"The New Jersey"

"Brave and Conquer"

"Maxxor Attacks Chaor"

"Parents All Night"


Appears in Perim[]

"Where's Maxxor"

"Warrior Summit: Part 1"

"Warrior Summit: Part 2"

"Chaor's Commandos: Part 2" (remake)