Martha Anne is the secondary antagonist of Wreck-it Rachel. She is voiced by Salli Saffioti.

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she has blue-black hair, a pink top and shoes, sky blue jeans, an orange bandana ribbon and tiara in her hair. in the sequel, Martha Anne's hair is dark grey, she wears a pink floral ballgown and green high heels.


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Martha made her to the cruise in the Midship Detective Agency, as one of the suspects in the cases of "The On-Ship Rascal", "The MIssing Heroine", "The Dragon-Napper",  "The Pinched Memories" and "The Crashed Christmas". If she turns out to be the culprit, Mickey, Donald and Goofy or the Rookies track her down and successfully put her behind bars, where her face powder falls on her hair. 


Original film


  • “[dancing] Woohoo!!”



  • Martha is the first female villian to be punched in the face by the protagonist and the second to be punched by a Disney Princess. The first being Hans who was punched by Anna.
  • Martha Anne and Ralph's relationship is similar to that of Chris Gardocki and Dale Doback from the 2008 film Step Brothers. Both latters are bullied by the formers.
  • Martha Anne is the first Disney Character to be based on a Mean Girls character, preceding Vanessa.
  • According to the DVD commentary and Disney Villains, Martha was nicknamed the "Queen of Serene" in kindergarten.
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