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Margaux Kramer is Punky and Cherie's rich and sometimes snobby friend. She eventually becomes less self-centered, much to the benefit of her friendship with Punky and Cherie. She's portrayed in the original & reboot series by Ami Foster who also voices her in It's Punky Brewster.


Original Series[]

Margaux would meet Punky, Cherie, & Allen one day at school and become friends with each other. She would play a part helping with designing Punky's treehouse, her and Punky would end up saving Cherie's life after hiding in Henry's old refrigerator after learning CPR from Mike one day while playing hide & seek. Later Punky & Cherie would buy back her doll that was being auctioned off after her family lost their fortune and she later pay them back by treating them to a weekend of skiing.


Years later her, Cherie, & Punky still stay in touch and one day helped her hook Izzy with a day of meeting stars from the WWE.

It's Punky Brewster[]

Margaux like her live action counterpart is friends with Punky, Cherie, & Bradon while helping Glomer out on their adventures. In some episodes Margaux is also the antagonist too.


She's is very nice to her friends though can be snobby sometimes.


Reboot Series[]

Original Punky Brewser series[]

It's Punky Brewster[]