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Mara is the Buddhist version of Satan in South Asian mythology. He appears in the episode of Disney's Animated Myths and Legends "The Legend of The Buddha, which aired on January 2, 2000. He is voiced by James Earl Jones.


Mara is the personification of evil and temptation. It's unknown about his birth and childhood.

Appearance and personality[]

Mara is portrayed as being a giant demon with black and blood red skin. He has glowing yellow eyes and sports a loincloth. Mara is extremely malevolent, cruel and above all evil.


The Legend of The Buddha

Rama appears trying to tempt and distract Siddartha Guatama and dispatches his three beautiful daughters to seduce him. When that fails, he sends his army of demons to frighten him. That fails and he throws a spiked disk at the Buddha, but it transforms into a garland of flowers. Knowing the Buddha's worthiness, Mara flees.