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Malevolent, more commonly known as Levie, is one of the main characters of the Fanfiction Descendants. He is the son of Maleficent, is one of the villains and has come to Auradon - at Prince Ben's request - with a plan unbeknownst to anyone but himself.

Descendants Fanfiction Biography[]

Handsome, in a way that only evil can be, Levie is one of the villains offered redemption by the soon to be newly crowned King Ben of Auradon. Armed with magic inherited from his mother, a friendship with Cruellus, Evvie and Jayden, a past and a secret he’s keeping firmly to himself, and the ability - however grudging! - to change, can he fit in at Auradon Prep or will he take the chance to ruin the coronation of Prince Ben and bring the sword down to strike a second generation?